Disability Claims

Disability benefits are designed to provide a financial safety net for people that can no longer work due to an injury or disability. So what happens when you are denied these critical benefits? Contact Carter Simpson, we will fight for your benefits.

If you become unable to work and you’ve paid your insurance premiums you should be entitled to income replacement benefits and/or short- or long-term disability benefits as soon as you provide your insurance company with medical evidence of your disability. In an ideal world, your insurance company would pay you your benefits right away. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case.

At Carter Simpson, we recognize that being denied disability benefits can be very stressful and have a significant financial and personal impact. We’re here to help. We will put our extensive experience and knowledge to work for you to obtain a timely resolution of your disability claim. 

In certain circumstances, people who are disabled may also be entitled to disability benefits under the Canada Pension Plan.

Many clients have turned to us for help because the process to obtain benefits can be stressful, difficult, or often unsuccessful at first instance.

We assist our clients at all stages of the disability benefits process. It’s our goal to get you the help you need and the benefits you’re entitled to receive.

We don’t charge a fee until we win. To arrange a free, no-risk case assessment please contact us today.